Future of Work: Disruption lies ahead

We bring global HR Technology experience, Future of Work research and Artificial Intelligence insights to design digital organizations

We help clients to design Employee Experience, Network Organizations and Augmented workforce to face the Digital era

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Business led, people
and HR driven.

We bring global HR Technology experience, Future of Work research and Artificial Intelligence insights to design digital organizations

We bring global HR Technology experience, Future of Work research and Artificial Intelligence
insights to design digital organizations

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Improve business performance through Agile,
Innovative and Digital HR
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Future Workforce

Where Intelligent Technology meet Human Capital to leverage organizational effectiveness and organizational capabilities

Where Intelligent Technology meet Human Capital to leverage organizational
effectiveness and business capabilities

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We work with clients to identify their most critical business goals, and then we align talent capabilities, HR, and organizational change to help deliver competitive advantage through people.

Our work on Talent and Organizations

  • Partners with organizations and media players to deliver Future of Work, Employee Experience and HR Technology Keynote presentations to set up the organizational journey for digital transformation
  • Work with clients to design Talent Management Frameworks that identifies key talent, skills and critical roles that organizations need for the Future Workforce and Digital Transformation
  • We help HR functions to develop new capabilities by designing Agile and Design Thinking solutions that deliver Employee Experience that leverage speed to market and business capabilities
  • Hyper-personalized Employee Experience by offering physical, human and digital choices to drive more value to the business
  • Advisory for Artificial Intelligence HR startups, and Talent Technology Vendors to design “Go to Market” strategy and business development
  • Provide Change Management solutions and strategy for organization transformation
  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) for assessing talent, culture, team-dynamics and leadership to deliver core Human Capital functionality to make better inform people-business decisions

Speaking Events


For Organizations:

Sometimes, to facilitate change, an external point of view helps. Partner with us to present research findings about the Future of Work, Employee Experience and Artificial Intelligence for HR to groups small or large, participate on panels and facilitate talent & organization strategy sessions

For HR Technology Startups and Vendors:

Let us help you or your customers with a different perspective on the human capital market. We can assist you to set up your “Go to market” strategy to go to international market

Client Case Solutions


A leading plastic direct-selling organization with an international growth strategy in place was looking to transform HR and create competitive advantage through people that would enable the organization to respond faster to customer requirements while creating efficiency and overall effectiveness


Diagnose the current stage of HR and talent practices to assess if they were aligned to business strategy. Within 60 days, conducted an in-depth executive stakeholder/capability analysis and developed and proposed a comprehensive long-term strategic HR framework including HR technology, talent management strategy, compensation, learning strategy, change management and organizational design on a global level to double revenue within 5 years


Due to this talent strategy transformation, the organization identified between $1 to $5M in labor cost savings due to organizational design and leadership development. Furthermore, the organization has a playbook with information regarding strategic hiring and retain top talent for long term growth


A drilling organization was transforming its operating model and targeting a sustainable growth implementing an M&A strategy to be a $3 B. organization in the next 5 years. The CEO was confident that it was critical to implement the right talent strategy for the long term growth


The plan included developing global talent framework for over 2,000 employees including HR data analytics, change management and cultural transformation strategy, organization talent reviews, succession planning, talent pool bench readiness, competency assessment, leadership development for global functions and C-Suite executives to support new company’s operating model. Created harmonized holistic competency structure in concert with corporate brand-new job architecture, performance and compensation programs, integrating leadership and functional training framework across global operations


Delivered $3M annual labor cost savings due to integration of 4 acquisitions. Standardized HR M&A strategy and conducted extensive due diligence (leadership, culture, process assessment) for Middle East, North America and LATAM that delivered one centralized structure and global talent management capabilities to support global integration


One of the leading industrial construction companies in Latin America, providing solutions for the mining, power generation & transmission, and manufacturing sectors was experimenting an organic growth. However, the CEO was confident that they needed it an employee value proposition to attract, retain and develop talent for the international expansion


Sharpened company’s competitive edge in market; designed and implemented a broad spectrum of global talent programs including front-end assessment and program design to course development, program implementation and evaluation. Key focus areas included training design, development and delivery, change management and workforce readiness, core talent process including global talent reviews, succession planning, performance management, competency mapping, corporate university implementation and employee engagement programs focused on operational excellence and service


Through these organizational effectiveness and talent management solutions the organization leveraged revenue growth from $40M to $160M in 5 years achieved 41% CAGR, increased equity by $15M, and solidified the company’s reputation at the forefront of the industry


Global leading consuming organization was transforming its global strategy to be a multi-category and diversified regional portfolio into the macro-snack market. However, the regional leadership team knew that a new talent strategy was critical in order to assure a capable and best place to work and grow to leverage the company’s success


Directed and implemented the talent sustainability agenda for 4,000 employees, including executive coaching, leadership competency model, personality & 360 assessment, global career framework, C-Suite bench development (Top 50), leadership development structure, high potential and senior management development programs, employee branding strategy and employee engagement programs resulting in over 100 high potentials developed with 98%rates. Delivered new business HR M&A strategy: new global performance management framework, core talent process roll out, organizational design and change management resulting in successful M&A $1M integration


Regional strategy was implemented and the organization was consolidated as the top macro-snack leader in the region while boosting megabrands and maintaining a sustainable growth NR: $400M NOPBT 20% by 2014

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