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 🚨 As we close January 2024, enterprise reinvention and Gen AI continues to be the center of business conversations. We started this year with multiple perspectives around this topic led by top management consulting firms and AI insights from Davos:


  • McKinsey: “The Shape of Talent in 2023 and 2024”
  • BCG: “From Potential to Profit with GenAI”
  • Bain: “Adapting Your Organization for Responsible AI”
  • Deloitte: “The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise”
  • Accenture: “Work, Workforce, Workers: Reinvited in the age of Generative AI”
  • WEF: “AI and emerging technology at Davos 2024”


💡HR Leaders also started evaluating Gen AI for talent and HR and currently working on use case prioritization, implementation and roadmap. CHROs are also discussing with C-Suite the impact around culture, leadership, and skills and how to prepare the organization for technology disruption.


🌐Enterprise reinvention turns the HR function as key advisor to prepare the organization for a massive organizational change. However, HR professionals need to be proficient on AI, Data and Technology. They need to be familiar with foundational AI topics to advise the organization how to connect talent to business value and the path for AI adoption.


🛡️There are multiple learning vendors that can provide those learning services (see below). What is important here is to align on the key skills required, level of proficiencies, and develop learning journeys and learning pathways.


This is NOT about sending HR to take courses. This is about design an end-to-end AI upskilling program where HR professionals can:


Learn: formal learning

Practice: hands-on experience

Perform: demonstrate proficiency

Coach: enable community

This approach is applicable for enterprise upskilling and includes 5 steps:

  1. Develop personas and skill profiles
  2. Define learning journeys
  3. Build learning paths
  4. Develop skills
  5. Match talent to opportunities

Lastly but not least, Ceridian to acquired eloomi and iMocha introduced an AI-Skills Match Engine.

The one pager below provides a high-level view.

Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts.

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