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Albert brings global consulting experience to help clients harness intelligent technologies, reinvent HR, workplace and employee experience.


Cornell University

Master Human Resources

University of Michigan

Advance Human Resources Executive Program


Albert is a talent technology market analyst. A lot of his research and work revolves around the digitization of the workplace , and the impact of artificial intelligence in HR and employee experience.

Mr. Loyola is frequently featured in talent and business publications and media players. He is a regular keynote speaker at industry events and a popular blogger with more than 8,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Media players I have worked with

Accenture Presentations 

Bringing Intelligent Solutions into the Employee Experience and Talent Strategy
Date : Aug 8, 2020

Bringing Intelligent Solutions into the Employee Experience and HR. 
Date : June 5, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Employee Engagement & Learning.
Date : May 08, 2020

AI for HR Washington, DC
Date : Jan, 2020

Knowledge Repository Playbook
Date : October 2019

Accenture Federal; AFS Sandbox Day event; AI for HR; Washington, DC
Date : April 2019

AI in HR market ecosystem expo.
Date : April 2019

Artificial intelligence in HR.  
Date : March 2019

Market Presentations

Reimaging HR with AI
Date : November 12, 2020

AI in employee experience. Invite sent by Vantage circle; an Australian-based software startup.  
Date : October 2019

AI in Covid-19 and impact in talent
Date : June 3, 2020

2019 Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues
Date : March 17, 2019

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Market Watch for Talent & HR April 2022

Hello, and welcome back to my Blog! Executive Summary HR technology activity ramped up this month with strategic acquisitions: Cornerstone acquired EdCast, Papaya acquired Azimo,

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HR Tech Market Watch! - #hrtech activity ramped up this month with strategic #acquisitions:
#Cornerstone acquired #EdCast, #Papayaglobal acquired #Azimo, #ICIMS acquired #CandidateID, and #Celonis acquired #ProcessAnalyticsFactory among others.
#data #AI

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