What is the State of Gen AI Copilots in Human Capital?

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AI Copilots are on the rise! Since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, we have seen an explosion of innovation in HR technology. Enterprise platforms and HR tech vendors quickly adapted and reinvented their offerings. Leading the way, Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 Copilot and Google launched Google Duet, to unlock new ways of productivity and creativity.

If implemented right, Copilots can bring a lot of value by augmenting workforce’s skills, productivity, time management and smart automation. However, moving from strategy to deployment brings challenges around leadership, culture, and employees’ concerns.

Copilots are not just a tool/technology capability. It requires an establishment of new sets of ways of working, AI skills and employee adoption.

What the latest reports are saying about Copilots adoption?

Here some findings by Microsoft:

  • 70% of Copilot users said they were more productive, and 68% said it improved the quality of their work.
  • Users were 29% faster in a series of tasks (searching, writing, and summarizing).
  • 64% of users said Copilot helps them spend less time processing email.
    Data shows a promising adoption, however understanding the process of integrating this tool to the workplace as well as assessing copilots’ outputs, security and compliance will enhance functionality and employee experience.


In addition to Microsoft 365 copilot and Google Duet, the ecosystem quickly adapted. Management consulting firms and HR Tech players started launching Copilots. Below are some recent examples:

  • McKinsey launched Lili for knowledge management (internal use)
  • Marsh McLennan released its in-house copilot LENAI
  • EY in collaboration with IBM launched EY.AI workforce
  • SAP launched Joule
  • Josh Bersin released Galileo
  • Deel released its payroll and compliance assistant

Copilots in the workplace: Considerations

  • Alignment: Having an AI shared-vision, purposes and clear outcomes bring everybody together. Leaders are role-models.
  • Ability: Identify obstacles to adoption of Gen AI copilots and related behavior. Cross-functional collaboration for engaging experiences.
  • Adoption: Communicate and engage; make people feel safe and comfortable with the new technology
  • Culture: Employees will need to learn new AI skills. Develop an AI-first continuous learning culture is critical.
  • Jobs: How people work with AI and how AI works with people impacting different type of occupations.

Change Management Co-Pilot?

  • This is an area where I am sure the ecosystem is working on. For example, consulting firms have amassed the most-trusted library of best-practices, credentials, market analysis, approaches, and tools for enterprise change.
  • A change management copilot (or any type of human capital copilot) could be an “add-on” in addition to consulting services/offerings and help clients to enable adoption. It can be built internally or partner with a Gen AI platform to deploy it faster and securely.

What lies ahead?

  • Moving from AI strategy to implementation is a journey that will require cross-collaboration.
  • User adoption, enterprise change, leadership, and AI deployment need to be synchronized and interconnected.
  • Make people feel safe and comfortable to embrace Gen AI tools.

The one pager below describes where to start.

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