Top Human Capital Tech Capabilities linked to Value Creation

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Executive Summary

Artificial intelligence continues to conquer heart, minds and investments in multiple business verticals.  In the last two weeks the technology ecosystem continues to show an explosive growth in terms of innovation, and new offerings. There’s a lot to get, so let’s dive in.

In 2023, AI has risen as a key topic in the CEO/Board agenda to drive value and performance. One thing to keep in mind is the effect of business disruption that Gen AI is generating in talent, jobs, and skills. For example, generative AI experts, data scientists, machine learning engineers (to mention some) will continue to be in high-demand and companies are open to paying high salaries for those AI and data skills. This will require organizations to define an AI & Data upskilling plan and redefine new ways of working.

Other technologies such as Metaverse, Cloud and Web 3 will continue to mature at greater scale. However, recent market analysis shows that organization’s readiness is limited to embrace emerging technology. This will require organizations to reimagine its operating models and determine plan for the application of generative AI, deployment and adoption.


Approximately 70% of the US workforce is frontline jobs and they represent a key part of the US economy. New HR Technology is addressing the frontline experience by providing “mobile ready” and “intuitive technology” to connect, engage and simplify processes.


Based on the above, the technology ecosystem launched new offerings and brought more innovation:


  • Deloitte announced the expansion of its alliance with NVIDIA to build generative AI solutions for enterprise software platforms. See news HERE.
  • McKinsey launched “Lilli” its own generative AI solution (knowledge management) for internal use. See news HERE.
  • ADP launched generative AI capabilities, ADP Roll chat, to support payroll and HR queries for small business. See news HERE.
  • Microsoft made some key announcements
    • Launched its new frontline workforce management offering with new tools and integrations to improve experience, communications and productivity. See news HERE.
    • Announced its partnership with Aptos that will allow Microsoft’s AI models to be trained using Aptos’ verified blockchain information.
  • IBM is building a partnership with Microsoft to incorporate Llama 2, to be available within its WatsonX platform. See news HERE.
  • Datarobot released its new generative AI offering and services to move from concept to value. See news HERE.
  • Salesforce launched BYOM solution to customize AI models. See news HERE.
  • combines generative language models with conversational AI. See news HERE.
  • Skyhive is now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. See news HERE.
  • Gloat is now embedded in Microsoft Teams to provide opportunities in the flow of work. See news HERE.
  • Harver launched its conversational AI hiring tool. See news HERE.
  • WorkStep launched its conversational AI tool for feedback. See news HERE.



Top Human Capital Technology Capabilities

The one-pager below provides a high-level view around key human capital capabilities linked to value creation and a sample of technology platforms to enable your AI use cases.




Is this something you see in the market place as well? I would like to hear your thoughts

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