Forbes- How AI can help to redesign the Employee Experience

*Original article published by Forbes on November 29, 2018

When we think about employee experience, we are talking about digital, human and physical experiences;

from the moment someone joins the organization all the way until retirement. However, since companies adapt to a new era of disruption, they are redefining the way how to re-imagine employee experience while reorienting teams to be more agile, flexible and resilience by leveraging the power of intelligent technologies.

AI has been playing a key role in the middle of the pandemic. For example, by helping doctors to treat Covid-19 patients, robots delivering food or working as customer services in major wholesale stores. Today, with many organizations refining their talent strategy and moving many functions to fully remote (ie. In the banking sector, call centers are moving fully remote) it’s creating the perfect scenarios for AI to bring a set of solutions using natural language processing, machine learning and biometrics to improve employee experience.

Let’s start with recruiting. AI is already transforming this function with solutions that advise recruiters who are the right candidates for a job by using matching algorithms that focus on skills and experiences. Leading vendors in this space are Pymetrics, Eightfold, Hiredscore, Ideal, and Headstart. We also have chatbots across the entire recruiting funnel learning from candidates and becoming smarter and smarter

When we think about onboarding, AI can help to automate all the paper work, provide advisory to new employees, match new hires with mentors and intelligent chatbots can work 24/7 guiding a new hire through all aspects of onboarding and answering questions as they arise. Some vendors in this category are Skyhive, Xor and AllyO.

Keeping your workforce engaged and productive is another big component in the middle of this pandemic. In this space we have different solutions that goes from employee sentiment to understanding people’s emotions, AI-based “nudge engines” for behavioral change, organizational network analysis (ONA) to identify leaders, employee survey vendors that uses AI to customize questions and request real-time  feedback. Vendors in this space include Humu,, Glint , Peakon, Qualtrics, and KeenCorp.

Employee reskilling and talent management are the areas that is growing exponentially with tremendous opportunity to transform the way we develop ad retain talent. This pandemic accelerated companies’ needs to address talent challenges in this space. AI makes it possible via skill matching, taxonomy, and experiences to help tailor personalized, data-fueled career plans mapped to an individual employee’s personality and learning style, all this in the context to elevate talent based organizational priorities. Some vendors in this space are Gloat, Fuel50, 365 Talents, Workday, Hitch, Avature.

Overall, employee experience is being enhanced with intelligent solutions to be able to help organizations deploy talent based on business strategy, and help employees to tailor different experiences across the talent life cycle based on their needs and personal goals.

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