Phenom Acquires My Ally to Transform How HR Uses Automation

Note: Original article published by Phenom on Sep. 30, 2020

This is another great acquisition in the AI-driven technology market.

Phenom is a leading vendor in the talent experience space and they acquired My Ally for their strong scheduling automation capabilities in the recruiting space.

I have been following Phenom for awhile, and they are setting up a growth strategy by expanding its offerings across the talent lifecycle. I strongly agree with this approach. The recruiting market is becoming extremely saturated with automation and virtual agent solutions and the market is moving towards the re-skilling, internal mobility , D&I and employee sentiment. (I would not be surprised if Phenom has in its plan to acquire one of the players in the employee sentiment space)

“Moving forward, we will continue to pursue strategic acquisitions that further strengthen Phenom’s position at the forefront of AI, automation, and Talent Experience Management — all for the purpose of equipping our customers with an unrivaled suite of products that enable them to create phenomenal talent experiences.” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder at Phenom.

My Ally will bring speed to clients and recruiters and huge value to Phemon as one of the leaders in the talent experience space. It automates email-based interview scheduling, which complements Phenom’s corresponding functionality in chatbot, email, and SMS—which create savings to organization in recruiting costs and makes the process simpler for recruiters and hiring managers.

The market keeps evolving and many AI-driven HR organizations are reinventing themselves to offer new solutions to meet the needs of new clients post Covid-19.

Terms of the transaction were not announced

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