HireVue Acquires AllyO to Accelerate High-Volume Hiring with chatbot solutions

Note: Original article published by HireVue on Oct 6, 2020

It was released this week that HireVue acquired AllyO, two AI-driven organizations offerings solutions in the recruiting space.

This integration allows Hirevue to extend its talent assessment offerings with chatbot solutions for candidate engagement. This is the second acquisition in the last two years. In May 2018, HireVue acquired London-based MindX, a game-based assessments company to enhance its talent assessment suite and video interviewing solutions.

This acquisition put HireVue as one the leading vendors in a very competitive end-to end recruiting market, providing chatbot solutions for sourcing and screening, while automating repetitive tasks. This allows organizations to find the right talent and react with agility during these uncertain times.

“The addition of AllyO to HireVue’s solutions will enable talent acquisition teams to have engaging, personalized conversations with millions of active job-seekers any time of day or night and on the devices they prefer,” said Kevin Parker, CEO of HireVue.

Terms of the transaction were not announced

On the other side, Hirevue has been challenged in the market whether it’s technology is capable of and accurately able to decide if someone fits a role just by the candidate facial expressions and what they sound like. There is a lot debate in the market regarding this topic “analyzing a human being like this, they argue, could end up penalizing nonnative speakers, visibly nervous interviewees or anyone else who doesn’t fit the model for look and speech,” said the Washington Post.

According to MIT “It’s hard to predict which workers will be successful from things like facial expressions. Worse, critics worry that the algorithm is trained on limited data and so will be more likely to mark “traditional” applicants (white, male) as more employable. As a result, applicants who deviate from the “traditional”—including people who don’t speak English as a native language or who are disabled—are likely to get lower scores.”

My perception on this is that AI in Talent & HR keep learning and evolving and systems will continue to become smarter and bias-free overtime while creating a process for responsible AI. Governments and regulators play a huge role to audit these companies to make sure their algorithms can explain decisions made regarding candidates or employee hiring and/or development decisions as well as accountable for their recommendations that could affect society.

Overall, the AI market in talent and HR keeps evolving and bringing stronger algorithms that can predict and learn quickly overtime.

For more information , please visit:  https://www.hirevue.com/press-release/hirevue-acquires-allyo-to-accelerate-hiring-with-intelligent-recruiting-chatbot-and-automation

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