Generative AI: Talent & Organization Implications

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Welcome to HR Tech weekly review; generative AI GTM, Partnerships and POV continues to evolve in the marketplace: 

What are the implications that Generative AI is bringing to talent and organizations?

With that in mind, the one-pager above provides a high-level view around Generative AI and People & Organization implications based on 5 pillars:

  1. Talent
  2. Skills
  3. Operating Model
  4. Technology
  5. Change

At the bottom, a connection with business outcomes.

Additional insights:

  • As companies move from value creation, and use cases prioritization to building and experimenting with this new capability, Gen AI needs to be integrated within your enterprise digital strategy, interconnect with data sources and technology ecosystem infrastructure. 
  • Considerations around ethics & data privacy, risk levels and talent are key levers for a successful implementation and track compliance
  • Enterprise reinvention strategy is required to define the end-to-end journey. This also includes defining talent, skills, operating model, technology, change and other capabilities areas not mentioned in this one-pager.
  • My opinions are my own.


Does this make sense? I would like to hear your thoughts

More to come! Stay tuned.

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