Event: Democratizing Conversational AI: Digital Employee Builder

Note: Original article published by Scott Kohn and IPsoft on Oct 08, 2020

This is a great event organized by IPsoft and it will provide the latest insights on digital workforce and conversational AI.

IPsoft is the market-leading Digital Employee and Conversational AI solution. Its solution Amelia is a human-like solution that can be deployed in different business functions, creating experiences, expressing emotions and understanding human intentions and semantics, driving deeper connections and greater business value.

This event brings great speakers : Chetan Dube has served as the President and CEO of Amelia, an IPsoft Company, Alex HalperDeloitte’s COO of Conversational AI and Anthony J. BradleyGartner’s Head of Emerging Technologies Research, who will be discussing “Democratizing Conversational AI”, scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, at 10am EST.

See you there.

For more information , please visit:  https://info.amelia.com/digital-employee-builder

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