Tengai the Humanoid Recruiter is Available in English

Original article published by Tengai on September, 2020

Humanoids are in the workplace and they are here to stay.

Sofia, a social humanoid, designed by Hanson Robotics shocked the world when in Oct 2017 she “became” a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. Russian start-up Promobot recently launched a social-humanoid and it has seen in NYC providing information about COVID-19 and working for the Russian government as a public servant and the list goes on.

All these intelligent humanoids are coming to HR and talent and are already performing jobs led by humans. Tengai a Stockholm-based HR Tech startup is combining AI and an unbiased recruitment methodology in the world’s first interview robot. She is 41 centimeters tall and weighs three and a half pounds. Job applicants will find her on the table and be able to have a human-like conversation and she is bias-free.

Tengai represents the future for talent acquisition to make better hiring decisions with conversational AI. She has been validated by scientists – can ask questions and connect the answers with personality traits correlated to future human performance- without human involvement. It represents a unique combination of science, software and hardware.

Tengai assists recruiters in the screening, selection and interviewing process. She asks the same 20 work-related questions (average) to candidates (personality traits and soft skills), in the same order, with the same tone of voice. Once interviews are complete, recruiters have access to transcripts to review and analyze responses. It’s then up to them to decide whether to move that candidate forward.

I spoke with Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, Tengai CEO, and she has plans for expansion to develop more capabilities to serve customers and enterprises. As Tengai is learning from interaction withcandidates, it becomes smarter and smarter and, in the future, will be able to decide whether a candidate can move forward to the next stage of recruitment, avoiding the need for a human recruiter to review interview transcripts.

Overall, the talent acquisition market is bringing AI and integration capabilities with HCM and ATS systems.  Recruiting technology in this space is using Ai to attract, source, screen, match and select candidates. Furthermore, many of the startups competing in this space are expanding their platform features across the talent lifecycle to match employee and candidates with a variety of opportunities.

Great news is that the Tengai English version is available.  See below:

For more information , please visit:  https://www.tengai-unbiased.com/tengai-the-automated-unbiased-interview-robot-now-available-in-english/?v_id=ODYxMTdVMzIxNDZTNzU5NQ==&upls=VVBNLjEwOTM3MTM=

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