EdCast Acquires Content AI Start-up Sociative

*Original article published by Edcast Team · June 20, 2017

Sociative’s hybrid human/machine content technology–driven by 15+ million social media influencers–to be integrated with industry-leading Knowledge Cloud

Mountain View, CA, June 20, 2017 – EdCast, the leading Knowledge Cloud platform for unified discovery and personalized learning, today announced the acquisition of Corte Madera-based Sociative, Inc. Founded in 2010, Sociative has developed highly focused content-discovery technology, using topical influencers, personalization and machine learning.  

Sociative founders Michael Tolson and Brad DeGraf, are pioneers in the development of algorithmic inference technology for making sense of the real-time Web. “We are thrilled about joining forces with EdCast, given its mission and innovative technology that has been embraced by leading Fortune 500 companies worldwide,” said Michael Tolson, Co-founder & CTO of Sociative, Inc. “We are looking forward to fully integrating our machine learning technology, which has gained so much traction across various applications.”

Sociative is EdCast’s second acquisition in the past 12 months, after EdCast acquired Seattle-based Sales University (SalesU.io) last June. EdCast’s AI-powered Knowledge Cloud is used by Fortune 500 companies that include GE, HPE, EMC, Accenture and many others.

“We are excited to welcome the Sociative team to EdCast to grow our AI and machine learning expertise,” said Karl Mehta, founder & CEO, EdCast, Inc. “The future of knowledge and learning is about deep personalization and contextualization, so that learning and working can become more fully integrated.”

Both Sociative founders have now joined EdCast’s management team. Michael Tolson is Vice President of AI, and Brad DeGraf is Vice President of Customer Engineering. Both will work closely with Michael Khait, EdCast’s Vice President of Engineering.

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