Augmenting HR: Artificial Intelligence in HR

It’s no secret that New York is a wellspring of inspiration, and fascinating world leaders lurking around every corner. Everyone can agree that the moment you step onto our fair city’s streets, something is stirred within you. If you make it here you can make it anywhere.
 Albert Loyola  Managing Partner of Ignite Organizations says “there is a new player in HR town: Artificial Intelligence”.  He is so incredibly right.
How can an HR professional stay relevant as  Artificial Intelligence takes over different parts of the HR function?
HackingHR is presenting the first event in the US exclusively dedicated to the conversation of AI in HR.  “Augmenting HR: Artificial Intelligence in HR”. 
Artificial Intelligence is transforming so many areas at work. And Human Resources is definitely one of them.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t work in HR Tech. 
If you an HR professional, at whatever level and in any function, you must understand what AI means for you, your function, future, company and job. 
Understanding AI in HR will help you get ready for what’s happening and what’s coming.  We are having a fantastic event today! 
Come to hear a world-class panel of speakers, network, get some snacks and some beer, participate in a raffle for a couple of Amazon Echo (2nd generation), and some additional surprises. 
When: Today, June 14th at 5.30 p.m. Where: 110 5th Av., New York City (Location Work-Bench) Register now!:
It’s a great HackingHR lineup of speakers!
Enrique Rubio, PMP, CSM
Jill Katz
Varun Gupta
Jeanne C Meister
Al (A.I.) Naqvi
Anurag Harsh
Mark Z.
Oliver Christie
Maryanne Spatola, SPHR, PCC
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Ignite Organizations is bringing HackingHR in October.  We will be in Dallas, Austin and Houston! More info soon Learn more:
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