Partner with Executives to facilitate assessments and workshops to assess organizational capabilities, operating model and strategy to deliver value to stakeholders and customers.

  • Organizational culture and behavioral change
  • Leadership alignment and workshop facilitation
  • Change management
  • Strategic communications
  • People-Leader management programs
  • Operating Model


We partner with you to roadmap on how talent can support business strategy and create a talent pipeline framework to support long term value. We understand the architecture and process follow to lead your C-suite and HR team to make it happen.

  • Talent Reviews & Succession Planning
  • Performance management
  • Career development
  • Employee Experience
  • Leadership Development Frameworks
  • Competency Model
  • Future Workforce: skills, talent and jobs for the digital disruption


Digital disruption and trends are changing the way HR must deliver to drive greater value for the business and enhance the customer and employee experience. We provide a tested framework to guide internal teams to clarify the business strategy, identify the organizational capabilities required to execute that strategy, and create a strategic road map to develop an HR transformation.

  • HR Effectiveness Audit
  • Digital HR strategy & solutions
  • HR capability assessment
  • Crafting your HR strategy
  • Design Thinking for HR
  • Artificial Intelligence for Talent Acquisition


Technology and advances in Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way how people work, interact and how organizations operate. This means that workplace & talent practices, structure, processes and culture need to evolve to design brand-new Digital Organization to add real value to the business.

  • Organizational Design
  • Capability Building & Business Design
  • Design Thinking facilitation
  • Work reconfiguration in the age of AI
  • Agile & Innovation for technology disruption
  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)
  • Artificial Intelligence in the workplace


For Organizations

Sometimes, to facilitate change, an external point of view helps. Partner with us to present research findings about the Future of Work, Employee Experience and Artificial Intelligence for HR to groups small or large, participate on panels and facilitate talent & organization strategy sessions.

For HR Technology Startups and Vendors

Let us help you or your customers with a different perspective on the human capital market. We can help you to set up your “Go to market” strategy to be global.


  • Leading and Managing in the Future of Work
  • Human and Machine collaboration: re-imaging work in the Age of AI
  • Linking Employee Experience with the value creation
  • Cognitive solutions to innovate HR
  • The Future of Work is 100% Human. Is your organization ready?
  • Employee Experience to leverage Customer Experience and drive growth
  • The world is changing this is how companies are adapting
  • How Artificial Intelligence is changing HR
  • Linking talent to value
  • How AI is leveraging candidate and employee experience
  • How HR has evolved over the last 20 years and what’s coming

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