Partnership with Hacking HR

Hacking HR Forum and Ignite Organizations decided to partner to take the brand on global markets. Albert Loyola,  founder of Ignite Organizations, and Enrique Rubio, founder of Hacking HR, are bringing synergies and almost 30 years of experience together in the world of HR,  Human Capital, Technology, and Consulting.
Hacking HR Forums have been delivered in Washington, DC and New York City IN 2017. Our plans for 2018 include delivering more events in Tampa, Miami, Austin, Vancouver, Seattle, Ottawa, Chicago, Washington DC , NYC, Dallas, Londres and Madrid
Hacking HR Forum has attracted a wide range of participants from a broad spectrum of industries including senior leaders experts in Artificial Intelligence, Agile, Machine Learning, Automation, Design Thinking, Blockchain, and Innovation
Dou want to be part of the Hacking HR group?
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