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*Original article published by Josh Bersinon July 3, 2020

This article is a great overview about the talent marketplace explosion by Josh Bersin.

Skills and experiences are becoming the new currency for the future of HR and talent strategy. These aspects are becoming extremely relevant in an unprecedent time where people are connected 24/7, adapting to the new normal and organizations trying to keep the workforce productive and engaged.

Let’s start with a general definition. A talent marketplace is about matching people to experiences. It allows employees to access career opportunities, gig work, projects, learning opportunities, and mentoring based on their aspirations and professional goals.  Many organizations are trying to succeed in this space; however, an internal marketplace is not about posting positions and that’s all. It’s more complex than you think. It includes a huge culture shift from leadership and employees, as well as, adjustments in talent practices across the enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind the scenes learning and predicting in real time. In this specific case, internal marketplace platform is designed to maximize employee engagement and leverage employee preferences and aspirations to train AI models to be able to match people to opportunities, careers, projects, learning and mentoring.

The market ecosystem is exploding with many new vendors competing in this space. Gloat is the leading vendor in this category with previous experience leading implementation at Schneider and Univeler at a global scale. Degreed acquired Adepto in December 2019 and is ready to compete in this area, as well, as Eightfold, Pymetrics, Hitch, 365 talent, Avature and many more.

Overall, we will see progress and improvement in this space as well as successful implementation in the enterprise level.

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