iCIMS Acquires Jibe to Provide Employers Best-in-Class Candidate Engagement and Recruitment Marketing Capabilities

*Original article published by ICIMS · June 18, 2019

Acquisition adds robust career sites, modern recruiting CRM, rich machine learning and end-to-end analytics to iCIMS’ portfolio

Holmdel, NJ (June 18, 2019) – iCIMSthe market leader for cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, today announced the acquisition of Jibe Inc., a state-of-the-art SaaS recruiting technology for sourcing, nurturing and marketing to candidates. Clients like Johnson & Johnson, Siemens and Comcast use Jibe to drive their front-end candidate experience, including Google-optimized career sites, as well as providing recruiters candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions enabled by machine learning to allow them to better target and nurture candidates through the talent funnel. Together, iCIMS and Jibe will enable employers to improve their recruiting effectiveness by promoting their employment brand, engaging passive talent, and measuring recruitment investments.


“The primary reason that organizations are falling behind in their talent acquisition efforts is that they do not have a mechanism for attracting and engaging the right individuals before they apply for a job,” said Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research Partners. “Together with Jibe, iCIMS gives organizations an advantage of having greater insights, a more consistent experience, and improved efficiency when competing for talent.”


Founded in 2010 in New York City, Jibe delivers cutting-edge candidate experience technology through branded career sites, landing pages, and personalized recommendations, using machine learning to serve more relevant job search results to interested applicants and more relevant candidates to recruiters. Jibe’s robust real-time reporting and analytics dashboard provides enterprises full insight into the candidate journey.


“Jibe has spent nearly a decade building scalable technology that impresses candidates and drives meaningful results for the companies hiring them,” said Joe Essenfeld, Jibe’s founder and CEO. “iCIMS gives our team and customers an opportunity to up-level our vision with more investment in innovation, ultimately delivering the industry’s top end-to-end talent acquisition solution. The businesses have complementary strengths, aligned missions, and an incredible opportunity to grow.”


Together with Jibe, plus its integrated TextRecruit capabilities, iCIMS delivers unparalleled recruitment offerings with proven, market-leading candidate experience and engagement technology across dynamic career sites, powerful machine learning driven searching and matching functionality, and real-time multi-channel communications. Going forward, Jibe will power iCIMS’ new recruitment marketing solution: Attract, available as part of the iCIMS talent acquisition platform or as the front-end to other applicant tracking or human capital management technology via turnkey integrations.


“We’re delighted to welcome Jibe’s talented team and family of customers into the iCIMS community,” said Colin Day, iCIMS’ founder and CEO. “Competitive talent acquisition technology requires advanced ­recruitment marketing and candidate engagement solutions, and we are impressed with the capabilities Jibe has built over the years, particularly for complex global enterprises. With Jibe, iCIMS offers best-in-class solutions across every area of the hiring process to support employers in their war for talent.”  ­

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