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San Francisco, CA, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
Culture Amp, the Culture First employee feedback company, is continuing to create a better world of work with today’s announcement of acquiring award-winning performance management firm, Zugata.

Zugata, a recipient of the Gartner 2018 Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Awards, has had a laser focus on redefining performance management for over 1,000 organizations to date.

Culture Amp’s easy-to-use feedback platform sits atop a sophisticated machine learning engine that allows organizations to tap into the collective intelligence of over 2,000 culture-first companies and what those companies have learned from collecting, understanding and acting on the experience and perspectives of their people over 100 million times to date. After pioneering real-time employee engagement feedback this acquisition allows Culture Amp to bring an increasingly sophisticated use of data across the employee lifecycle.

The market for employee engagement and feedback tools is exploding with growth,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte. “This acquisition connects industry leading engagement surveys with AI and peer-to-peer feedback, giving companies a new solution for development, coaching, and continuous performance improvement.”

Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp, stated “One of our core values at Culture Amp is to learn faster through feedback. By acquiring Zugata we are adding a deep and rich set of performance and development tools that allow our customers to not only see what is going on with their people and culture at every level, and in every moment, but to connect all of that information into a rich tapestry that helps them not just know, but to take action.”

Srinivas Krishnamurti, former CEO of Zugata and now Director of Product, Performance at Culture Amp, added, “Together we are the only global company that can connect the dots under one integrated solution at scale. While other providers are checking the same boxes of engagement and performance, we are in the unique position of combining two established best in industry providers with an unrivaled amount of shared intelligence, having worked with more than 3,000 businesses between us.”

Industry followers and customers consider this acquisition and how Culture Amp is leading the conversation within the category to be a groundbreaking development for advancing the future of managing people analytics and ultimately improving workplace dynamics.  

Mark Frein, Chief People Officer of InVision, shared his excitement over the announcement, “As current Culture Amp and Zugata customers, we are thrilled to see the combination of the best engagement platform and the best performance platform on the HR tech market. There are deep veins of people data to mine in the links between performance and engagement,” Frein continued. “We are excited to see how the two products evolve and merge to provide deeper insights by way of combining these complementary areas of HR practice.

A shared vision about the future of work

Both Elzinga and Krishnamurti agree that beyond the tactical business reasons for the acquisition, the two companies’ shared goals, values, and culture made the decision easy.

When it came down to making a decision, we saw natural alignment across the mission and values of both companies, and a shared vision for what could be when we could connect all the data we have at our disposal,” Elzinga said.

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